Award Winning Design

Expressions using proportions, shadows, and light

Why work with us?

Simply stated, the VALUE!

Miro Kitchen Design’s differentiating factor is our capabilities to provide our clients with every aspect, product, and service encompassed in a kitchen renovation, all with one point-of-contact. Endless resources, award-winning design, permitting, hassle-free construction, warrantied material and workmanship all with one point-of-contact lends our clients a means to an end.

When you choose Miro Kitchen Design, you are choosing our commitment to excellence. Throughout this process we will never become complacent. Our primary function is to turn our client’s dreams into realities. Providing a design and showing up with good craftsmen to build what is on the plans is not enough. We work to understand our clients’ personalities and desires, so that we can adapt the process to suit our clients’ needs.

At Miro Kitchen Design we understand that designing and building a project represents an extraordinary commitment to uncompromising quality, imagination, and cost management. We take ownership of every detail and are not satisfied with merely meeting your expectations; we strive to exceed them! Miro Kitchen Design is committed to excellence at every phase of the process, from planning through completion. Our team of talented, conscientious professionals help you meet your goals and keep your project on time and within budget. Attention to detail, meticulous standards and refined craftsmanship, coupled with an extremely high-degree of customer service have earned us a reputation we are proud of.

Miro Kitchen Design believes in long-term relationships. These long-term relationships are important to us. We pride ourselves on the continuous great relationships we maintain with all of our past clients. Miro Kitchen Design is committed to supporting you throughout every stage of the entire process, and our support remains available after the project is completed. We understand that your investment is personal and significant, and the experience should be positive throughout. Prior to completion of your project we schedule a detailed walkthrough to be certain that we address any maintenance/punch-list items before you start using the new space. It is of the utmost importance to us that you make a smooth transition. 

We are proud to extend a “10 YEAR WARRANTY”. We believe that our warranty says much about the company we are and the integrity we carry.