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Award-winning kitchen designs


Since 2002, Miro Kitchen Design has built a quality reputation by providing value-based clients with award-winning kitchen designs, a premium quality product, and hassle-free in-house construction.

Our design professionals specializing in designs act as partners in your project from the first conversation and consultation, through the construction phase and cleanup process after the job is done.

Call toll-free 877-653-2457 to speak to a knowledgeable representative about the professional designs from Miro Kitchen Design.

Professional Kitchen Designs 

Trust the design experts at Miro Kitchen Design to apply their passion for kitchen designs to your unique needs and particular tastes, whether you are creating a new space, or renovating an old one. Our talented and experienced team of designers will do the job to your specifications and within your budget.

Whatever the size or scope of your job, Miro Kitchen Design will use a process that will give you a single-source firm. You will deal with one point of contact, a kitchen designs expert. Let us deal with the overwhelming task of bringing together the architects, designers, suppliers, and contractors.

Unique Kitchen Designs for You

Kitchen designs created by the industry experts at Miro Kitchen Design follow a philosophy deeply rooted in the proud historical traditions of architecture and construction. We use classical proportion and scale, the balance of light and shadow, and the perfect blending of materials. Our goal is to strive for designs which create a unique sense of transparency throughout the space.

The talented and creative kitchen designer and construction team at Miro Kitchen Design are always willing to explore with you the possibilities for your space and realize there is never one answer to any question, or any one solution to any problem. We work with you, partnering throughout the process of our kitchen designs, maintaining and constant dialog between you and the designer.

Call toll-free 877-653-2457 to speak to a knowledgeable representative about the professional kitchen designs from Miro Kitchen Design.



Kitchen Designs